New Adventures Await

I am starting my own game company! Right here in Brooklyn, New York.

This is the time and place to do it! Through my career, I have gained the experience to succeed. I have the skills to program, produce, design and lead. I have been part of building a startup from the ground up, here in NYC. And I have the savings and resources needed to do it on my own terms.

The company will start small and grow gradually. There’s no rush. In the beginning, it will be a one person establishment with contractors for music and art when needed.

More information about the company I intend to build, and the games we will make, will be revealed in blog posts and on social media the upcoming weeks and months. The journey is just now starting!

And finally, this would not be possible for me to do without my extraordinary wife, Suzen Fylke, who believes in me and my ideas.