Other Games

Beyond the shipped games, there are a number of smaller projects, consultations and contracts that I have been part of. Usually, this is uncredited work, but it pays quite nicely. Some of these, but not all, are listed here. 

Moreover, not all projects have been successful. For example, I spent a year working on Lords of the Fallen 2 which was cancelled. And another 9 months on an unannounced Bourne game with EA that never saw the light of day. However, I believe there are lessons to be learned from those failures as well. That is to say, your experience grows a lot with them. And a few setbacks make you even hungrier for success.

Lords of the Fallen 2

Date: Canceled May 2019
Developer: Defiant Studios
Publisher: CI Games
My role(s): Project Manager
My time on the project: 12 months

Lords of the Fallen 2 allowed Defiant Studios to grow. And ultimately it also caused the studio to collapse. The team grew fast from about 15 to 35 developers during the year we developed the game. Managing and assembling the group making the action RPG was fun and exciting. And we succeeded in putting together an extremely talented and experienced team. However, we were still relatively small, which allowed me to jump into the development wherever needed. For instance, I implemented the world streaming, created menus and hooked up cutscenes. In other words, I glued the game together when required. On top of managing the project and the team.

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, the game looked great and the gameplay was solid. The publisher had been more than happy with all progress when they suddenly completely changed. I can speculate in what was going on, but that’s a story saved for another time. However, some advice to all developers, be careful who you do business with.

Rune II (Defiant Studios consultation work)

Date: Spring 2018
My time on the project: 2 weeks

Defiant Studios consulted Human Head Studios on optimization of CPU/GPU, bandwidth and latency for Rune 2. I conducted the network analysis, wrote the documentation with our findings and recommendations for optimizations.

Rune 2 Logo Billboard

Warframe (Defiant Studios contracting work)

Date: Autumn 2017
My time on the project: 2 months

The team at Defiant Studios worked with Digital Extreme to create the Tusk Thumper, a new warframe and gun model. In addition to that we consulted them on optimizations for their open world streaming technology used in Plains of Eidolon. I managed the internal production of this work.

Warframe Plains of Eidolon Billboard

Project Cold Mercury

Date: Canceled May 2012
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
My role(s): Project Lead
My time on the project: 4 months

Project Cold Mercury was a project at Starbreeze Studios that we started working on after Syndicate was done. I created the concept and led the concepting team. It has its own Metacritic’s page, which feels a bit premature as this game never got past the concept phase.

Bourne Game

Release Date: Canceled March 2010
Developer: Starbreeze Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts
My role(s): Multiplayer Lead, Multiplayer Programmer
My time on the project: 9 months

I headed the multiplayer team working on the Bourne game that EA canceled. I also programmed gameplay and engine code. As well as designed the multiplayer gameplay together with the rest of the team.