Megalodon VR

The Synthesis VR logo and promoted image for Megalodon VR.

Megalodon VR is a thrilling experience that transports you back in time to fish for prehistoric creatures. Defiant Studios developed it in 2017. It took 6 months from concept to gold. With the team peaking at 10 developers. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 with some customized rendering to make the water work in VR at required fps. I worked with general programming, UI and managed the production of it.

Originally this game was developed for StarVR, but due to problems at Starbreeze, it was not released as scheduled. However, Synthesis VR picked the game up in 2020 as an arcade exclusive. Better late than never! But more than anything, I am happy that it’s now released.

Megalodon VR Trailer


Release date: March 2020 (Gold September 2017)
Platforms: Synthesis VR
Developer: Defiant Studios
Publisher: Starbreeze Studios (original publisher), Synthesis VR
Credited: N/A
Role(s): Programming, Production
Time on project: 6 months

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