Lars Magnus Fylke is the founder of Bumblebee Mind, and an experienced game developer, lead software engineer, producer and designer. He has worked on AAA titles such as Just Cause, Syndicate and The Chronicles of Riddick. As well as smaller titles, including L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files and Megalodon VR.

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Lars Magnus Fylke – New York City 2013.

With formidable professional skills in programming, team leadership, project management and design, Lars Magnus is an elite game developer. He is a generalist and leader that knows how to create a game from concept to delivery.

Lars Magnus has been located in New York City since 2012. He is currently running Bumblebee Mind, which is working on its first project. Prior to this he worked in various roles, spanning from project manager to gameplay programmer at esteemed game studios.

Before becoming a professional game developer in 2007, Lars Magnus studied computer science in Sweden. During his years at the university, he chaired the computer science student group and was a board member in several organizations and educational delegations.

In his spare time Lars Magnus enjoys cooking and playing soccer. He is also an amateur astronomer with a huge passion for space and hard science fiction.


Lars Magnus Fylke has been part of developing several AAA titles, The Chronicles of Riddick, Syndicate, Just Cause 3 & 4 and Outriders. A handful of smaller, and some cancelled projects. As well as a couple of VR Titles, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files and Megalodon VR.

Currently, Lars Magnus Fylke is working on an undisclosed project with his company, Bumblebee Mind. Below is a timeline, outlining when Lars Magnus was working on the different projects.

Gantt style timeline chart that displays the larger games and projects that Lars Magnus Fylke has worked on.
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Lars Magnus Fylke has worked professionally as a game developer since 2007. His career started at Starbreeze Studios in Sweden, as a gameplay programmer. At Starbreeze he advanced to become lead for the multiplayer team and then lead programmer for the co-op team.

In 2012 Lars Magnus moved to New York City and joined Avalanche Studios. Initially, he worked on developing the multiplayer technology for their proprietary engine. Then he took over as lead programmer for the feature team, to eventually become the lead gameplay programmer.

Lars Magnus was the first developer to join Defiant Studios. He helped to build the studio from the beginning in 2016 and took it from one to thirty-three employees. As the studio grew, he transitioned from his role as lead gameplay programmer into a full-time project manager.

When Defiant Studios closed in 2019, Lars Magnus joined People Can Fly to open a new NYC game development studio.

Lars Magnus is currently running Bumblebee Mind. An independent game developer and publisher, founded in February 2020 by Lars Magnus.

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